The Role of MARKHAM in Local Wildlife Services

At Wildlife Removal Markham, we’re not just experts but your neighbours. We understand the local ecosystems and the unique challenges they present. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services, ensuring that humans and animals can coexist peacefully and safely.

#1 Birds: Feathered Friends or Foes?

Birds are a vital part of our ecosystem, but sometimes, they can become a bit of a nuisance. Let’s take a closer look.

Common Bird Species in the Area

Bird Removal Markham
Black Starling Love to Nest Inside Wall Exhaust Vents Bird Removal Markham

Whether it’s the cheerful chirp of a sparrow or the majestic flight of a hawk, our area is home to a wide variety of bird species. Each species has its own behaviours and needs, which is why understanding them is key to effective bird management.

Managing Bird Populations Responsibly

At MARKHAM, we use humane and effective methods to manage bird populations. We focus on deterrents and habitat modifications to keep birds safe while protecting your property.

Squirrel Removal Markham
Squirrel Removal Markham

#2 Squirrels: Cute but Cunning

Ah, squirrels! These adorable little acrobats can be fun to watch, but they can also be quite the headache when they invade your space.

The Squirrel Population in Urban Areas

Squirrels have adapted remarkably well to urban life. While they’re an essential part of the urban wildlife tapestry, their knack for getting into attics and gardens can cause issues for homeowners.

Effective Squirrel Management Techniques

Our approach to managing squirrels is all about balance. We use humane trapping and relocation methods, coupled with preventive measures to keep squirrels in their natural habitat and out of your attic.

#3 Opossums: Nighttime Wanderers

Often misunderstood, opossums are unique creatures of the night. Let’s shed some light on these shy animals.

Understanding Opossum Behavior

Opossums might look intimidating with their hissing and teeth-baring, but they’re generally harmless and play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They help control insect and rodent populations and clean up dead matter.

Human-Opossum Coexistence Strategies

At MARKHAM, we advocate for coexistence. We provide advice on making your property less attractive to opossums and use humane methods for relocating them if necessary.

#4 Raccoons: Masked Mischief-Makers

Raccoons are known for their intelligence and dexterity, but these traits also make them notorious for causing trouble.

Raccoon Habits and Habitats

Raccoons are adaptable and can thrive in both rural and urban areas. They’re often attracted to easy food sources like garbage cans and pet food.

Safe and Humane Raccoon Control

Our control strategies focus on exclusion techniques, securing food sources, and, when necessary, humane relocation. We aim to minimize human-raccoon conflicts while respecting these clever animals.

Skunk Removal Markham
Skunk Removal Markham

#5 Skunks: A Fragrant Challenge

Skunks are known for their distinctive smell, but there’s much more to these creatures than their defensive spray.

Skunk Species and Their Traits

Several skunk species inhabit our region, each with unique behaviors and habitats. Understanding these is crucial for effective skunk management.

Dealing with Skunks: Best Practices

Our methods for managing skunks involve habitat modification, exclusion, and, if needed, humane eviction. We help you make your property less appealing to skunks, reducing the chances of an odorous encounter.