Markham Customer Inquires About Wildlife Problems

Do you offer wildlife removal services in Markham?

Yes, Wildlife Removal Markham offers comprehensive wildlife removal services in the Markham area. This includes humane removal, control, and prevention services for a variety of animals such as raccoons, bats, birds, and other wildlife. The services are designed to address pest infestations and ensure the safety of both the property and the animals involved

Can I contact the city of Markham for wildlife removal services?

Yes, you can contact the City of Markham for wildlife removal services. If you encounter any wildlife-related issues, whether domestic or wild, you can call 905-415-7531 or email for assistance. The City of Markham provides various animal-related services and can guide you on the appropriate steps to take for wildlife removal or control

How do you safely remove wildlife from my property?

Safely removing wildlife from your property involves a series of humane and effective steps. First, it’s crucial to identify the type of wildlife you are dealing with to understand their behavior and determine the best approach for removal. One key strategy is to remove all potential food sources that might attract wildlife. This includes securing garbage bins, removing bird feed, fallen fruit, pet waste, and any leftovers that might be outside. In cases where trapping is necessary, it should be done humanely, ensuring that trapped wildlife is released within 24 hours and not relocated far from where they were caught. However, for specific types of wildlife like raccoons, bats, or skunks, professional wildlife removal services are recommended as they have the expertise and equipment to handle these situations safely and effectively. Lastly, it’s important to comply with local wildlife and animal control regulations to avoid legal issues. These methods are designed to safely remove wildlife while ensuring the well-being of the animals and adhering to environmental-friendly practices.

Do you use humane methods for removal?

Yes, Wildlife Removal Markham employs humane methods for wildlife removal. The company specializes in dealing with a variety of wildlife animals and is committed to providing professional, humane, and effective pest control services. This approach is consistent across various wildlife removal companies in Markham, as indicated by sources such as Brilliex Pest Control, Gates Wildlife Control, and SIA Wildlife Control, which also emphasize humane and safe wildlife removal practices. These companies handle common wildlife issues, including raccoons, skunks, bats, squirrels, and more, using methods that prioritize the welfare of the animals while effectively addressing the needs of the residents

Can you prevent wildlife from coming back?

Preventing wildlife from returning to your property involves a combination of measures focused on discouraging their presence and making the environment less inviting for them. Key steps include removing food attractants, such as ensuring garbage bins are secure and eliminating sources like bird feed or fallen fruit. This action alone greatly reduces the likelihood of wildlife being attracted to the area for food. Wildlife-proofing your property is another effective strategy. It involves securing potential entry points and making adjustments to the environment that deter wildlife from settling in. After any wildlife removal, it’s crucial to seal off entry points to prevent future invasions, which often involves repairing any damage and installing physical barriers. While repellents can offer a temporary solution, they are not as effective as physical modifications for long-term prevention. Additionally, regular property maintenance and inspection play a vital role in identifying potential vulnerabilities early on, allowing for timely interventions. Collectively, these measures help create an environment that is less conducive to wildlife habitation, thereby reducing the chances of them returning.

How quickly can you respond to a wildlife removal request?

Wildlife Removal Markham is equipped to respond to wildlife removal requests on a 24/7 basis. This means they are available to assist with wildlife emergencies at any time, day or night. If you have an urgent situation, such as a raccoon in your living room or a bird in your kitchen, you can expect a prompt response from their team. The availability of their services around the clock ensures that they can address wildlife nuisances efficiently and provide timely solutions for residents and businesses in Markham

Can I get a warranty for wildlife removal services?

Yes, it is possible to get a warranty for wildlife removal services. Many companies offering wildlife removal and control services provide warranties to assure the effectiveness of their work. The length and terms of these warranties can vary. For example, some companies offer a 5-year warranty on all wildlife removal hardware installed by their technicians, covering the exclusion of various animals such as mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and others. There are also services that provide a 2-year warranty specifically for raccoon exclusion work. It’s important to check with the specific service provider for the details of their warranty, including the duration and what is covered, to ensure it meets your needs

How much does it cost to remove wildlife from my property?

The cost of wildlife removal from your property can vary based on the type of animal, the complexity of the job, and the company you choose. While specific prices are not universally fixed, an example from a pest & animal control service in Markham indicates a cost of approximately $550. This price, however, is just an example and costs can differ. Some companies may offer more affordable options, while others might charge higher rates depending on their services’ scope and quality. It’s advisable to contact local wildlife removal services directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing information tailored to your specific situation